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Personal Trainer Nordic Online AB (”TRION”) shares your card and membership number with Fitness24Seven AB (“F24S”) in order to share information about your membership and payments in the Trion app. This data will be retained for as long as you have an active subscription with Trion and for an additional 6 months after you’ve cancelled your subscription. TRION and F24S act as independent personal data controllers. Kindly note that this consent is voluntary and that you do not have any obligation to consent to this collection of data. If you choose not to consent you’ll however not be eligible for the discount through F24S. You can recall your consent at any time by contacting us via email at info@trion.app. Read more about TRION and F24S’s respective privacy policies here: https://www.trion.app/privacy-policy/, https://se.fitness24seven.com/sekretesspolicy/
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About Trion
  • What is Trion?

    The truly smart fitness app that guides you to high quality training adapted to you.

  • Why should I use Trion?
    • You get your own workout programme that’s fully personalised to you and your fitness preferences
    • You have access to instruction videos and descriptions for 900+ exercises, which together with Trion’s algorithms can become more than 1bn workout combinations
    • You can work out with full gym equipment, equipment of your choosing or just using your bodyweight, i.e. wherever you are!
  • What makes Trion different?

    Most fitness apps only provide a database of premade workouts for you to choose from yourself. The training is not personalised to you and also does not change over time as you progress. That’s not really how Trion works.

    Instead, Trion is based on a unique tech platform specifically designed to create workouts personalised to you. Based on a number of parameters such as physical profile, personal preferences, body strength and mobility, Trion creates fully customised workout programmes for you. With the process being completely autonomous and based on proprietary algorithms, Trion is able to generate more than a billion unique workout combinations.

    Why is this approach beneficial? You’ll get training that’s relevant for you, there’s always going to be immense variation (no risk that you’ll get stuck doing the same workouts over and over again) and the training will change with you as you progress and get stronger (just to name a few of the benefits).