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At the heart of everything fitness related lies the conundrum of human behaviour. We all know we should work out, how great it makes us feel and how positive an impact it has on our lives and health. Yet most of us struggle to keep up a good, consistent exercise routine.

A perceived lack of time or an unwillingness to engage in activities with an element of discomfort are key reasons to why we don’t do it. And it doesn’t matter how many times we read about how extremely beneficial exercise is, we still don’t get ourselves to do it.

That behavioural disconnect is at the very foundation of Trion’s raison d’etre. Helping our users to bridge the gap between the elements of life that cause us to struggle with working out (be it time, interest, resources or location) and the invaluable rewards that come with keeping active over time (health, energy, confidence and the ability to enjoy life to its fullest).

No one that starts working out with Trion, should ever stop

That’s our goal. It’s an ambitious one and it will probably take a lot of time to get there, but nothing worth having comes easy.

Progressing towards it will mean contributing to a healthier and happier world, and that’s as motivating a vision as they come. A strong purpose is after all the best motivator.

Long-term health > short-term records

Quick fixes don’t work. Perfect form is overrated. Weight records are mostly irrelevant. Unless you manage to make the pursuit of a strong and healthy body an ever-present component of your life. A lifestyle.


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