Looking to keep up to date with the latest fitness trends? If so, gym gear should be at or near the top of your list. We are not only referring to basic kits such as a breathable t-shirt and a pair of quality trainers. We are instead talking about the latest technological and ergonomic options which have been designed to keep you one step ahead of the game. So, what does the remainder of 2022 have in store? Let’s take a quick look at some cutting-edge items that everyone should have a look at before heading off to an upcoming training session.

Hypoxia Masks

Hypoxia masks function by limiting the amount of oxygen that your muscles receive. This causes your muscles to work harder and over time, your lung capacity will increase. Hypoxia masks are commonly used by runners and endurance athletes. However, they are just as effective when performing any type of high-intensity exercise. The best offer adjustable valves which allow you to control how much oxygen is allowed to enter. Plus, let’s also keep in mind that hypoxia masks can help to prevent the spread of germs (a very real concern in this day and age).

EVO2 Workout Gloves

EVO2 workout gloves should represent the core of your gym kit. These full-fingered gloves are equipped with an interior gel that provides the palms of your hands with an additional layer of padding. So, performing exercises such as bench presses and biceps curls will be much less painful. Wrist wraps offer extra support and these gloves are even equipped with small wires below the fingertips. You can therefore access your smartphone touchscreen without having to take them off.

Smart Fitness Trackers

Smart fitness trackers have been around for the past few years and they are continuing to gain popularity. They normally come in the form of a watch (such as the FitBit) or as a strap that can be worn around your upper arm. These devices will monitor specific variables such as heart rate, breathing, how much you sweat, and how many calories you burn during a training session. Some can offer additional features such as a step counter and even how many hours you sleep on a nightly basis.

If you are looking to take a more proactive approach to your training in the coming months, be sure to include a fitness tracker within your gift list. If you cannot afford such devices, why not instead download the professional Trion fitness app? Not only can you keep track of important metrics, but other options such as:

  • How many sets and reps you perform.
  • Different types of training programmes
  • The ability to learn about more than 900 unique exercises
  • You can create totally personalised training plans based around your goals

Why not use cutting-edge technology to your advantage? You will be amazed with the results that can be achieved within a relatively short period of time.

24-Hour Cold Bottles

Nothing beats an ice-cold drink after a sweaty workout. Whether you are a fan of water, protein shakes or beverages intended to replace your electrolytes, it is important to have a bottle that is capable of providing thermal protection for an extended period of time. This is even more important if you train outdoors during the dog days of summer, as the chances of becoming overheated are very real indeed.

The good news is that there are literally hundreds of cold drink bottles available on the market and you will not be forced to spend a great deal of money to obtain the best model for your requirements.

Strong Yoga Mats

Of course, not all of us head off to the gym to max out on bench press or to break our one-rep max on deadlifts. Many perform aerobics, yoga and similar activities. This is why having a fitness mat is always a good idea. After all, using one that the gym provides is not the most sanitary option! Be sure to choose one which is able to be easily transported and provides at least 8 centimetres of thickness (for superior levels of comfort). The sizes of these mats will also vary, so make it a point to choose one which suits your physical dimensions.

Above all, spending a bit more money is usually a good idea if you wish to obtain high-quality accessories for the gym. These items can last for years at a time and there is no doubt that they are worth the initial investment. Feel free to bookmark this article for future reference and be sure to check our blog on a regular basis for even more gym-friendly advice.

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